Water Conservation Programs

For over 30 years, CCID has implemented a water transfer program which reduces our diversions from the San Joaquin River and makes them available to neighboring water districts unable to meet their demands. CCID then reinvests the proceeds from these transfers into local conservation projects, an investment of approximately $30 million to-date which has resulted in around 60,000 acre feet of water conserved every year.

In addition to large, districtwide projects such as automated weirs, spill reduction, pumps and canal lining, CCID has funded over $20.6 million in low-interest loans and over $21.5 million in grants to our farmers to fund their own conservation projects. The On-Farm Conservation Program not only conserves our precious water resources, it also substantially increases farming production through improvement projects such as drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler systems and pipelining or concrete lining irrigation channels.

We strongly encourage our farmers to participate in our conservation efforts. If you would like to apply for a grant and/or loan through the On-Farm Conservation Program, please use the link “Apply Online” in this section’s menu to the right.

The On-Farm Conservation Program has been active since 1990 assisting consumers in funding various irrigation improvements through the use of low-interest loans and grants.

CCID has loaned 20.6 million since 1990 and granted over 21.5 million since 1999.

Click the PDF links below to access the project updates and process diagram.

WC Project Status Updates

WC Process Diagram