Water Supply and Rates

February 25, 2020


The Bureau of Reclamation has made its first official water supply declaration and based on current hydrologic conditions at Shasta, the initial projections show that 2020 will be a non-critical year for CCID and the Exchange Contractors. The District’s Board of Directors has adopted a budget and water rate schedule based on a non-critical water supply under the Exchange Contract this year. While our current allocation is non-critical, January and February have been unusually dry this year. Therefore, the quantities shown below for the tiered pricing levels are subject to change if the dry weather continues. The District will provide updates immediately if conditions change.


January through October

  1. A 3-tiered rate schedule will apply to all water used from January 1 through October 31:
    • Tier 1 – 0 – 3.20 acre-feet/gross acre – $13.00 /acre-foot
    • Tier 2 – 3.21 – 3.70 acre-feet/gross acre (CCID Well Water) – $40.00 /acre-foot
    • Tier 3  – Greater than 3.70 acre-feet/gross acre (Purchased Water) – $95.00 /acre-foot
  2. The per-acre quantities above represent how much water will be available, if needed, but the amounts are not guaranteed. The actual amount of water available is subject to the Bureau’s ability to deliver water to us, and limitations in the Exchange Contract.

November and December

  1. We generally have a good supply of water available in November and December, although availability may be limited depending on the need to perform winter maintenance and construction projects. Water available during this period will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, at $13.00 per a.f.


Developed water for Class II lands will also be subject to tiered pricing from January 1 through October 31. The first 3.2 a.f. per net acre will be charged $40.00 per a.f. on an “if and when available” basis. All usage in excess of 3.2 a.f. per net acre during this period will be billed at $95.00 per a.f.

Developed water taken in November and December, if available, will cost $40.00 per a.f.


Municipal and Industrial (M&I) water will be available to those municipalities contracting with CCID, at $75.00 per a.f.

If you have any questions, please call the CCID Office at (209) 826-1421.