About Central California Irrigation District

Since 1951, CCID has been committed to the responsible stewardship of water resources and providing quality water service to over 1,600 central valley farms. Our average farm size is 85 acres, and are mostly small family businesses that have resided here for several generations. Our farmers produce tens of thousands of tons of produce from dozens of different crops, including tomatoes, corn, lettuce and more.

We pride ourselves on our water conservation efforts, which ensure that our water use remains sustainable. CCID makes extensive investments into conservation programs such as automation, canal lining and spill reduction that prevent our precious resources from being wasted. Furthermore, we provide both low-interest loans and grants to our farmers towards their own on-farm conservation projects.

The San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority

CCID is a member of the San Joaquin Exchange Contractors Water Authority (SJRECWA), composed of the San Luis Canal Company, the Firebaugh Canal Water District, the Columbia Canal Company, and CCID. These entities service approximately 240,000 acres of prime agricultural land east of I-5 and west of the San Joaquin River.

SJRECWA’s mission is to monitor environmental, legislative and legal issues which impact SJRECWA members and to defend its members’ water rights. For more information, please visit their website at www.sjrecwa.net.