Annual Announcement

2024 On-Farm Water Conservation Program

DEADLINE: March 8, 2024   OR  August 9, 2024

The Water Conservation Program has two sign-up periods for 2024 funding requests: March 8th and August 9th.  A project design and cost estimate must be submitted prior to either deadline to be considered for preliminary approval. Water Conservation Program Guidelines are available on-line at  Funding levels may be pro-rated based on the number of applications received.


  • 50% cost-share for all Concrete Lining or Pipelining up to $600/acre benefited
  • 25% cost-share for irrigation enhancements up to $600/acre benefited such as:
  • Tailwater Return Systems, Micro-Irrigation, Drip Systems, Dairy related projects, other irrigation efficiency improvements


  • 3% simple interest loans up to $1,000/acre benefited for farmer’s portion after cost-share grant.
  • One annual payment per year
  • 5 year term for on-farm systems   10 year term for community ditches

Contact your local FSA office for additional funding options

Conservation Program Step-by-Step

  1. Fill out application on-line or in the office and submit with project design and cost estimate by either deadline.
  2. All projects will be reviewed by the Water Conservation Committee for preliminary approval.
  3. Once notified of approval, submit construction schedule to CCID.
  4. Any changes to submitted design MUST be provided to CCID prior to construction.
  5. Upon completion of engineering evaluation, notice to construct will be issued.
  6. Call CCID for periodic inspections throughout construction.
  7. After final inspection, bills are submitted.
  8. Completed projects are presented to the Board of Directors and funds are disbursed to Landowner.

For questions or more information contact:

Tracey Rosin
Conservation Coordinator
Phone: (209) 826-1421
Cell: (209) 777-8060
Fax: (209) 826-3184